Bond Cleaning Murrumba Downs

Best End of Lease Cleaning Murrumba Downs!!! Say No to dirty!!!

We provide outstanding end of lease cleaning, bond cleaning, vacate cleaning, abandoned property cleaning, and rental inspection cleaning services for residential and commercial properties across Murrumba Downs.

To receive bond money back during the end of lease, your property must be accurately cleaned as per the lease agreement. All tenants must meet the demands of landlords and real estate agents. Our vacate cleaning services are customized to meet the requirement of each tenant. Our end of lease cleaners Murrumba Downs focuses on areas that landlords generally examine. Our Murrumba Downs team is fully equipped and trained to handle various tools and products while ensuring not to damage the property.

We are reliable move-in and move-out cleaners forever!!!

If you are planning to rent your current house or moving out of your rented house and require end of lease cleaning services Murrumba Downs, we offer customer satisfying services. Choosing our bond cleaning services provides great value for money.

Murrumba Downs bond cleaners specialize in customizing cleaning services and get your property professionally cleaned. We carry our tools to clean and mop floors, dust windows, clean carpets, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, lawns, patios. We specialize in eliminating pests as well.

Offers Complete Range of Bond Cleaning Murrumba Downs

For Murrumba Downs clients, Wizard Properties Abandoned Property Cleaning services are devised to keep your worries away. Our end of lease cleaners Murrumba Downs provide detailed abandoned property cleaning services, reach every nook and corner to remove dust, cobwebs, and all sorts of  rubbish. Also, we recycle as much waste as possible and ensure the property can be reusable again for your office or residential purposes.

Rental inspection Cleaning service Murrumba Downs

If you are preparing for a rental inspection, we can help you with rental inspection cleaning Murrumba Downs services as per your lease agreement. It requires cleaning the entire property, removing dirt, mowing lawns, remove pet’s fur and turn your property to an appealing look so that you can pass the inspection fuss-free.

We provide sameday services for Murrumba Downs customers. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Standard Vacate Cleaning Inclusions

Please Note: We do not clean or spot clean Ceilings as a standard inclusion

General /All Rooms




  • Air conditioner: clean filters and vents (where accessible)
  • Carpets: vacuumed
  • Ceiling fans: dust and wipe
  • Cobwebs:remove (where accessible)
  • Cupboards: vacuum and wipe shelves & face panels
  • Doors: dust and wipe clean
  • Power sockets and light switches: dust and wipe clean
  • Floors: sweep and mop all non –carpeted floors
  • Light fittings: dust and wipe clean
  • Skirting boards including architraves: dust and wipe clean
  • Walls: remove any light marks with light sponging (spot cleaning)
  • Windows: clean glass inside and out (where accessible) dust and clean sills
  • Window tracks: cleaned
  • Fly screens: lightly brush off with soft brush
  • Mirrors: (excluding full wardrobe mirrors)
  • Blinds: LIGHT DUSTING only – blinds with heavier dust / dirt will require washing – not included
  • Drawers and cupboards: vacuum and wipe clean
  • Exhaust fan: dismantle and degrease
  • Sink: clean and remove any soap residue
  • Stove: clean burners, grill, drip trays, inside oven, range hood, general body of stove
  • Taps: clean and polish
  • Bench tops: cleaned
  • Shower/bath/tiling: clean wall tiles, screen, shower recess and bath tub
  • Drawers and cabinets: vacuum and wipe clean
  • Sink: clean and remove any stains or soap residue
  • Taps: clean and polish
  • Toilet: clean thoroughly inside and out
  • Mirror: cleaned
  • Drawers and cabinets: vacuum and wipe clean
  • Sinks/basin: clean and remove any stains, soap residue
  • Taps: clean and polish